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Psychics in the Cities - The Power of Three

The question most often asked of Psychics in the Cities is how they came together and created their unique company, The Circle Mpls, LLC.

Debra and Judie were members of The Circle Mpls.  They had been students, at one time or another, of well-known psychic, medium and author Echo Bodine.  Searching for an opportunity to practice their gifts beyond the bi-monthly advanced class that Echo was offering, Debra created her own gathering, The Practice, during the off weeks and the ladies all attended.  Members of The Practice participated in a local psychic fair, giving readings on a donation basis.  At one point, one of the members had a vision of five women, giving readings together as a group. The Circle Mpls was born soon after, in April 2008. 

The group’s popularity soon became apparent, but the ladies felt that the name The Circle Mpls didn’t precisely describe their mission.  The decision to adopt the working name Psychics in the Cities was made in 2009. 

Over time, 3 members decided to follow different paths.  With the recent addition of Connie, it became apparent to Debra and Judie that the Universe was leading them to become even more dynamic through the “Power of Three.”


Psychics in the Cities by The Circle Mpls, LLC
The Power of 3
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