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Angel Books

Author: Doreen Virtue:

  • Messages from your Angels
  • Healing with your Angels
  • Angels 101
  • Signs From Above: Your Angels' Messages about Life Purpose, Relationships, Health, and More

Author: Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie & Andrew Ramer

  • Ask your Angels

Soul work/Past life/Spiritual

Author: Michael Newton, Ph.D.

  • Journey of Souls - Case Studies of Life between lives
  • Destiny of Souls - New cases of Life between lives

Author: Shakti Gawain

  • Living In the Light

Author: Eric Butterworth

  • Discover the Power Within You 

Author: Echo Bodine

  • Echoes of the Soul: The Soul's Journey Beyond the Light - Through Life, Death, and Life After Death
  • Find the Good and You’ll Find God

Author: Neal Donald Walsch

  • The Little Souls and the Sun

Author: Robert Schwartz

  • Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born
  • Your Soul's Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

Author: Gary Zukav

  • The Seat of the Soul (and others)

Author: Dr. Brian Weiss

  • Many Lives, Many Masters (and others)


Website: Personality & Spirituality: Discovering Who and What We Are

Body/Emotional Work

  • The Body Knows by Caroline Sutherland
  • The Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide - An Alternative Health Answer to Emotional Sensitivity and Depression by Kyra Mesich, Psy.D.
  • Heal Your Body A-Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them by Louise Hay
  • Healing with your Angels by Doreen Virtue
  • Healing Grief: Reclaiming Life After Any Loss by James Van Praagh


Author: John Edward

  • Afterlife - Answers from The Other Side 
  • One Last Time 
  • Crossing Over

Author: James Van Praagh

  • Talking to Heaven
  • Reaching to Heaven

Author: Echo Bodine

  • Relax, It's Only a Ghost: My Adventures with Spirits, Hauntings and Things That Go Bump in the Night 
  • Dear Echo: Answers to Your Questions about Ghosts, Hauntings, and Things That Go Bump in the Night


Author: Michael Bodine

  • Growing Up Psychic: From Skeptic to Believer 

Author: Echo Bodine

  • A Still, Small Voice - A Psychic’s Guide to Awakening Intuition
  • The Gift - Understand and Develop Your Psychic Abilities

And other fantastic reads...

  • The Tarot Bible - The Definitive Guide to the Cards and Spreads by Sarah Bartlett
  • The 2-Hour Tarot Tutor by Wilma Carroll
  • The Complete Tarot Reading - Everything you need to know from Start to Finish by Teresa C. Michelsen
  • Animal Spirit Guides: An Easy-to-Use Handbook for Identifying and Understanding Your Power Animals and Animal Spirit Helpers by Steven Farmer
  • Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews
  • In the Shadow of the Shaman by Amber Wolfe
  • Conversations with God……volumes 1,2,3 by Neal Donald Walsch
  • What God Wants by Neal Donald Walsch
  • Many books by Sylvia Browne


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