Connie Braton

Connie Braton

Connie’s Journey

In her mid-thirties, Connie experienced a series of vivid precognitive dreams, including the tragedies of Columbine and 9/11. Although she had had a lifelong fascination with all things metaphysical, along with several instances of precognition in her earlier years, these dreams awakened a passion for developing her latent talents of clairvoyance (literally, “clear-seeing”) and claircognizance (“clear-knowing”). She sought out many teachers in the field, gaining valuable knowledge and skills from all of them, before happily discovering the Psychics in the Cities. Through their classes, Connie began an intensive study of all areas of Lightworking, refining her skills as a Psychic and Medium, and gaining an understanding of the ethics and responsibilities involved in communicating with Spirit.

Soul Evolution

One of Connie’s main interests is the nature of the soul, and how, over the course of countless lifetimes, our souls evolve and grow in our quest to be one with the creative force we call God. Why do some people seem so wise, so content and sure of their place in the Universe? Why do others charge confidently through life seeking fame and fortune and influence, while still others seem to be “new” souls – just trying to find their bearings in the world and finding comfort in more traditional belief systems? Connie’s goal in studying the evolution of the soul is to help individuals understand that their struggles in life are essential lessons on the continuum that leads to enlightenment and oneness.

Just as importantly, she helps people have greater compassion for the more difficult individuals around them - you know, the ones who just don’t seem all that “evolved.” In reality, these souls are exactly where they’re supposed to be (as we all are), learning the lessons that come with, say, simply trying to physically survive in the world, or with belonging to a particular culture or creed and having to learn to accept those who believe differently. No level of soul evolution is superior to any other – they are just opportunities to learn. We all must start at the beginning and work our way toward enlightenment, and the Universe wants us to have patience with those having different learning experiences than ours. After all, who are we to judge when we’ve all been there ourselves?

If you are interested in learning more about the concept of Soul Evolution, Connie will be happy to suggest resources and reading material in that area of study.

Paranormal Investigation

For various reasons, souls sometimes get stuck here on the earth plane and are unable or unwilling to cross over. We all know them as ghosts, and they need and deserve our loving assistance. As a psychic and paranormal investigator, Connie, along with her fellow team members, have the expertise to seek out these souls and give them the opportunity to go “home.” It is crucial that each of these souls be treated with the utmost respect and gently reminded of their divine origin.

Since they are also self-described “science nerds,” Connie and her team also come to investigations with all the bells and whistles – a vast array of blinking and beeping equipment designed to gather hard evidence of something otherworldly. The team painstakingly collects data and attempts to rule out any logical explanations for the activity in a particular location. What is left, then, is true evidence of the paranormal – in other words, there really is something going bump in the night!

Together with the Psychics in the Cities, Connie’s team has investigated such haunted locations as the Waseca County Courthouse and the former Heartbreakers bar in Harris, Minnesota. They are also the official and exclusive paranormal team for the historic Grant House Hotel in Rush City, Minnesota.

Connie is a member of the Parapsychological Association and the London-based Society for Psychical Research, and has studied parapsychology through the Koestler Parapsychology Unit at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

She has written about Scottish literature and the Scots language in The Highlander magazine and the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

If you have questions or would like more information about any of the services Connie provides, she can be reached at (612) 860-9196 or at psychics@psychicsinthecities.com.

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