Judie Randall

Judie Randall

Sharing the Gift

Judie believes that her mediumship work benefits not only those who wish to receive messages from their deceased loved ones, but also those on the other side, who often need guidance and healing. In her psychic readings, Judie uses clairvoyance, in which she sees words spelled out; clairaudience, in which she hears messages; and clairsentience, in which she experiences the emotions of those involved.

During readings, Judie often taps into a client’s past lives, which can help explain and alleviate some of the hardships in this current life. In addition, during her phone readings with clients, she often becomes aware of pets that need attention or advice. In these cases, Judie’s own animals, her beloved cats, will insist – very loudly! – that the needs of their fellow animal friends are addressed.

Judie also leads guided meditations and, as a Shaman, facilitates shamanic journeying through the Spirit World. With the Psychics in the Cities, she conducts popular gallery reading events and psychic development classes. Judie also is an ordained minister who performs personalized, custom-designed weddings and other rites-of-passage ceremonies.

Early Years

As a young teenager, Judie had a strong sense of having lived past lives – not exactly your average teen girl. Soon her boundless curiosity led her to explore the connections between body, mind and spirit. After a traumatic accident, Judie found that she was able to use these connections to speed up her healing process. That challenge, along with other trials, instilled in Judie a deep passion for the metaphysical and a heightened sense of empathy and nurturing.

These life experiences opened many doors for Judie. She realized that in her career in real estate appraisal, she had often employed her intuition skills without being aware of it. She enthusiastically embraced her psychic gifts, recognized her inner passion for helping others, and began the next phase in her spiritual development, an intense study of the metaphysical arts.  


Judie’s extensive training with internationally renowned teachers broadened her knowledge and sharpened her skills, while lending greater depth and compassion to her psychic and healing abilities. After completing a Shaman Apprentice Program under the guidance of Karen Johnson, Judie expanded her studies through numerous advanced-level Shaman courses. In addition, she completed several levels of Pranic Healing classes, including psychotherapy with Master Stephen Co; attended psychic development and spiritual/soul classes with Echo Bodine; and completed an Akashic records class with Dahna Fox and medical intuitive classes with Caroline Sutherland.  Most recently, Judie completed a five-day mediumship course with James Van Praagh

What is a Soul Retrieval?

In her soul retrieval work, Judie taps into past lives in which soul loss has occurred through trauma, and brings these experiences into the client’s conscious mind to help bring about healing in their current life. During this process she incorporates energy healing, working with the chakras and clearing the client’s auras and energy fields. A soul retrieval is done with the assistance of Judie’s Guides and Angels, who give guidance and clarification of the client’s soul’s journey. 

For more information about Soul Retrieval, please call Judie at (612) 759-4699 or email her at jrandall2@comcast.net, and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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